Luton has a number of British and multi-national high technology firms which have chosen the town for key facilities, including UK and European headquarters.

These companies design, assemble and sell electronic components, software, web design, defence and aerospace systems, precision control and autosport systems. The success of these businesses, which supply into British and overseas markets, is based on the availability of skilled employees from the high value business clusters across Luton, London and the South East.


Luton is home to the UK and European headquarters of many multi-national companies, while other UK and Luton-based firms operate internationally from here.

MTL Instruments: 

The MTL Instruments Group, headquartered in Luton, is a division of US company Cooper Crouse-Hinds. MTL is a world leader in the development and supply of system infrastructure products and protection equipment to the process industries. Many of the world’s safety-critical processes are monitored, controlled or protected by MTL products, and the Group is distinguished by its global network of sales and support centres.MTL is now based in state-of-the-art offices on the Butterfield technology park in Luton.

Jaltek Group: 

Headquartered in Luton, the jaltek group is a leading technology solutions organisation, providing a comprehensive range of vertically-integrated design and electronic manufacturing services, innovative wireless communications, telematics (asset and personal telemetry solutions) and bespoke systems development. Jaltek has multiple facilities located in the UK and India.

Anritsu EMEA Limited: 

Luton is the headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa for this leading Japanese manufacturer of a wide variety of advanced products including communications, instrumentation, control and manufacturing equipment, and information terminals. In particular, Anritsu is acknowledged as the world leader in measurement systems for ISDN optical communications.

ZF Electronics UK Limited 

ZF Electronics UK Limited is a successful and established company in the ICT and switches and controls markets which has its offices on Luton’s Airport Executive Park. Originally part of Cherry Electrical Products, a US company founded by design engineer and entrepreneur Walter Cherry back in 1953, it now belongs to German-owned ZF Electronics GmbH who acquired it in 2008, which is in turn part of the €13 billion worldwide corporation ZF Group.

ZF Electronics markets Cherry brand computer input devices to UK businesses and consumers, and the UK office in Luton has achieved major sales in these markets. Cherry products can be found in major UK retailers, banks, building societies, the NHS and airports, and last year its SmartTerminals and SmartCard readers were selected for a rolling programme across the UK’s polices forces.


Luton is the headquarters for this award winning global provider of interactive visualisation products and cutting edge technology services. AiSolve (Artificial Intelligent Solutions) was founded in 2003 by five university post-graduates specialising in artificial intelligence (AI) and electronic engineering. Since then, became thriving developers engaged in revolutionizing artificial intelligence, computer graphics, augmented reality, immersive and real-time interactive technologies.

AiSolve is a British-born innovative software and hardware engineering company. A small medium enterprise that specialises in the development of virtual simulations, precision motion control products and custom haptic devices. AiSolve is also known for creation of augmented reality apps, immersive 3D environments, serious games, real-time 3D visualisations and gamified interactive content.

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