Luton is one of the most successful towns in England to attract businesses to start up and one of the highest national rates for sustainable small start-up businesses. The town’s success in building relationships with businesses continues to grow not only locally but also abroad.

It has:

  • superb infrastructure

  • skilled workforce

  • new houses

  • investment in sustainable travel

  • improvements to road travel

  • 97.6% of Luton residents already enjoy a connection to superfast broadband

Business and commerce

Luton is a key area for business and commerce in the South East of England, meeting the changing face of industry and business.  It is becoming one of the leading areas for business growth in the UK.

In recent years more than 30 companies have relocated in Luton bringing in investments of over £60m. New and existing companies are thriving in the local economy with a number of major companies have chosen Luton for their headquarters including:

  • Astra Zeneca UK (pharmaceuticals)

  • Leonardo (research headquarters)

  • Ernst & Young

  • TUI Travel Plc

  • easyJet

  • SKF

  • Hayward Tyler

  • MTL (Cooper industries)

  • Stag / InBev the global brewers and drinks industry leaders

  • Express Newspaper Group

Luton is also home to Vauxhalls’ head office, the European customer care centre, warehouse and van manufacturing plant.

Capability Green and the Butterfield Business Park, incorporating the award winning Innovation Centre and Business Base, offer state-of-the-art, contemporary and sustainable buildings for a variety of businesses to be located, including:

  • corporate headquarters

  • serviced offices

  • bespoke buildings for R&D

  • manufacturing and technology

Luton is receptive to change and takes every opportunity to draw in funds to support its infrastructure and growing businesses. The strong and vibrant economy is sustained through very positive relationships with major strategic partners and businesses within its main business clusters.

Skills and training

Luton is one of the largest towns in South East England, with a population of over 215,000 residents. Vocational analysis shows clear advantages for Luton and the wider conurbation in:

  • air transport

  • motor vehicles

  • medical and precision instruments

  • ICT

  • aerospace

  • food and drink

Luton has a multi-lingual, highly skilled, local workforce, further enhanced by good transport links to a widespread catchment area, extending through Bedfordshire, surrounding counties and down to north London.

There is a wide and active membership on the learning, skills and employment themes within the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP). Excellent education opportunities are available for everyone who lives, works or studies here – not only during school years but throughout life from early years and childcare, through to college and university.

The Luton skills and opportunities programme is a strategic priority for the council ensuring there is a skilled adaptable workforce with the right mix of qualifications and skills to fulfil employer’s requirements.

Linking employers and education providers

The council prioritise business engagement activities with business sectors that have the potential for significant employment growth in the town:

  • creative arts and media

  • technology

  • aerospace and aviation

  • advanced manufacturing engineering and automotive

With all these successes Luton has much more to offer, come and embrace our successful and growing town.

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