The historic High Town area of Luton will be transformed into a vibrant neighbourhood with a complementary mix of residential, public realm, retail and commercial activities.

Lying adjacent to Luton railway station, High Town is conveniently located immediately to the north of Luton town centre. A bridge passing through the railway station is the main pedestrian connection between High Town and Luton town centre.

The regeneration will be achieved through private and public investment and will include improved public open space and enhanced natural environment and heritage assets, whilst providing substantial new residential development.

High Town will be a historic neighbourhood destination with residential-led mixed use developments which include small scale offices, workshops, live work units and additional retail to enhance the area and increase footfall. The scheme will also provide better pedestrian access and permeability.

The master plan delivers a set of development principles and parameters for the area which have been tested for viability after consultation with the local community and stakeholders.

Site and character areas

The High Town area is approximately 27 hectares and includes the neighbourhood centre based on High Town Road and a mix of residential, employment and community areas. The area is very diverse in character.

Key character areas:

  • Old Bedford Road – an area of mixed-use developments

  • Paths Estate – a housing estate

  • Back of High Town Road – the area includes a mix of uses which support the high street including car parking and servicing but also residential, surgery and elderly accommodation

  • Midland Road and High Town Gateway – this area is adjacent to the railway footbridge connecting High Town to Luton station and the town centre

  • High Town Road – it forms the spine of High Town conservation area and naturally acts as the centre of High Town

  • East village – this area of underused land is occupied predominantly by light industrial buildings and warehouses

  • Land north-east of High Town Road –  this area is characterised by light industrial uses and includes some preserved Victorian houses as well as educational and community facilities

  • Development partner opportunities available. Please note: will require some consolidation of land ownership

Development is subject to planning permission.


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Service Director, Property and Construction

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