Mass Passenger Transit System

London Luton Airport Limited (LLAL) is investing £200 million in a new passenger transit system (MPT) to transfer airport passengers and staff quickly and easily between Luton Airport Parkway Station and the airport terminal.

London Luton Airport is the fastest growing major airport in the UK. Already known for its excellent links by both road and rail to London, the Midlands and the North of England, the airport will become easier to get to as a result of the significant investment in this new system.

The system will be an automated people mover of the type found in major international airports around the world. Based on 21st century system technology, the system will be designed and operated to ensure that passenger journeys are safe, secure and comfortable.

Once in operation the service, which will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will significantly reduce the journey time from Central London to the airport terminal using the fastest train service from St Pancras, to about 30 minutes.

The MPT will transform the experience of those travelling to the airport by rail, and will encourage more people to do so, enhancing the airport’s already impressive environmental record and helping to reduce congestion on the roads.

Significant progress has already been made. The preferred system and route have been determined, land acquired, the process to obtain planning consent for the system has begun and market engagement is taking place.

Construction is expected to begin by mid-2017 with the system being fully operational before the end of 2020.


Robin Porter
Chief Operations Officer, London Luton Airport Ltd 

07870 676787