The council are preparing a vision and masterplan for Luton town centre which will guide how the town centre will change over the next 20-30 years.

The plan will be a vital part of the town’s economic recovery from COVID-19 and the council’s vision for ensuring that everyone can thrive and no-one in Luton has to live in poverty.

In the long term, it will attract and steer investment to support new jobs, improve Luton’s public spaces, take care of its heritage, and provide new and affordable activities that ensure the town centre is a welcoming place for everyone. A place that local people are proud to call their own and people from outside the town love to come and visit.

Proposals include:

  • bringing historic buildings back into use

  • refurbishment of vacant or partially vacant buildings

  • re-use underutilised spaces either as new public spaces or sites for new developments

  • joining the town centre back together again

  • focus retail activity into a core area that is supported by a mix of new commercial, cultural and community uses

  • establish the town centre as a desirable place to live, providing a wider range of well-designed homes and supporting infrastructure

  • re-invigorate St George’s Square as a vibrant centre space

  • improve the connection between the station, town centre and Power Court with clear, direct, safe and attractive routes by foot and bike

  • establish the Hat District as a vibrant, cultural quarter with a mix of uses and activities including workspace, restaurants and bars, cultural facilities, retail and a range of housing tenure and types

  • open up the River Lea and introduce new green spaces along it

  • green the streets with trees and plants

Following the initial consultation in July and August 2020, the council carried out a second consultation in November and December 2020 on the options for the master plan.

The council will publish a new master plan to help steer and deliver the right development for the town centre. This is likely to be published in the spring 2021.

Progress can be tracked here

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