The council together with its partners and investors have been successful in securing more than £1.3bn of investment in the town with a further £3.2bn scheduled through the Luton Investment Framework. 

The priority has moved to:

  • ensuring everyone benefits from the investment in Luton without poverty
  • residents will live happy and healthy lives
  • businesses profit through thriving economy and highly-skilled and high-performing local workforce

It is the council’s vision that by 2040 Luton is a vibrant town built on fairness, where people live good lives and achieve their aspirations, reach their potential and inequality reduced with no one living in poverty.

Ensuring no one is in poverty in Luton by 2040 has become the council’s number one priority as it is at the heart of some of the biggest challenges the town faces.  The Inclusive Growth Commission made up of lead experts from business, education, housing, infrastructure, health, community and welfare sectors provided invaluable recommendations to move forward with this vision.

Luton 2040

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