Since 2016 the council, together with its partners and investors, has been successful in securing more than £1.3 billion of investment in the town with a further £3.2 billion scheduled through the Luton Investment Framework.

Following consultation with stakeholders, a short-term vision has been developed to address the immediate challenges COVID-19 has had on Luton’s economy and the health of its residents.

The short-term vision lays the foundations of the town’s longer term ambitions of Luton 2040 – a healthy, fair and sustainable town, where everyone can thrive and no-one has to live in poverty. It sets out the priorities for the first five years.  The next two to three years will focus on:

  • securing a strong economic recovery
  • protecting the most disadvantaged residents from the worst impacts of the pandemic
  • delivering a more inclusive economy
  • a better quality of life for residents

The short term vision strategic priorities 2020–2025 are:

  • securing a strong economic recovery from COVID-19, which protects jobs, incomes and businesses and enables us to build a more inclusive economy
  • protecting the most disadvantaged in our town by prioritising services and interventions that focus on prevention, alleviate the impact of poverty and reduce health inequalities
  • making Luton a child-friendly town, where our children and young people grow up feeling happy, healthy and secure, with a voice that matters and the opportunities they need to thrive
  • becoming a greener and more sustainable town, to meet our long-term ambition to be carbon neutral and climate resilient by 2040
  • a strong and empowered community supporting fairness, equality and local pride and speaking with a powerful voice

The Vision is being delivered through two strategic partnership boards:

The longer term ambitions build on the work of the Inclusive Growth Commission and their recommendations to make Luton a more inclusive place where everyone can share in the benefits of economic growth and enjoy a good quality of life.

Luton 2040

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