Luton is one of the most successful towns in England to attract businesses to start up and one of the highest national rates for sustainable small start-up businesses.

The town’s success in building relationship with businesses continues to grow not only locally but also abroad. Luton based specialist engineering firm Hayward Tyler has signed a production alliance agreement with a Texas based company FMC Technologies, a big player in sub-sea systems. (May 2015)

With all these successes Luton has much more to offer, come and embrace our successful and growing town.


The town is famous for its hat making and is the home of Luton Town Football Club, whose history includes several spells in the top flight of the English league as well as a Football League Cup triumph in 1988.

Luton is also best known for its spectacular one day international carnival. Luton is privileged to have the University of Bedfordshire which is located and expanding in the heart of the town centre. Companies like General Motors (Vauxhall Motors), easyJet, and Monarch Airlines are headquartered in Luton.

Luton has great transport links; it has its very own London Luton Airport (LLA), which is England’s 5th largest and fastest growing airport. 12.3 million passengers used the airport in 2015, an increase of 16.9% on the previous year. In the last 12 months four new airlines joined the airport and 20 new routes were launched. LLA is now undergoing a significant transformation which will significantly improve the passenger experience and increase annual capacity by 50%, from 12 to 18 million by 2020..

Luton is one of the towns in East of England with a guided busway that provides bus operators with a unique opportunity to their run buses unhindered through areas of the Luton and Dunstable conurbation.

Luton is located 22 minutes from St Pancras by rail and 30 miles from north London by road. There are three rail stations and two M1 junctions. Completion of recent works on M1 Junction 10a has greatly reduced the queues and congestion that motorists previously experienced and has significantly improved the safety and reliability of journey times for motorists and business transport.  Luton is a short distance from both the M25 going South and the A1 going north.

Luton can reach many major cities by road, rail and air, making it an ideal place to invest and grow. You can access over 23 million people within two hours’ travelling distance from Luton nationally and across Europe.


Luton has an abundance of local talent; it is home to the University of Bedfordshire, with over 24,000 students. It is the largest higher learning institution in the county, providing excellent opportunities for more people to access top quality education.

The University has helped graduates lead to successful careers including those who are now working for companies like GMTV, CBBC, BBC radio, TUI UK amongst many more.

Luton is best placed from major universities in Oxford, Cambridge and London giving access to advanced research and highly qualified people within few hours of travel.

Luton is home to major companies like Monarch Airlines, easyJet, General Motors (Vauxhall Motors), Hayward Tyler amongst many more and attracts many talented skilled work forces.

Key Benefits

Business and commerce
Luton is a key area for business and commerce in the South East. By meeting the changing face of industry and business it is becoming one of the leading areas for business growth in the UK.

In recent years more than 30 companies have relocated in Luton and brought in investments of over £60 million. New and existing companies are thriving in the local economy with a number of major companies choosing Luton for their headquarters including:

• Astra Zeneca UK (pharmaceuticals)

• Selex ES  (research headquarters)

• Ernst & Young

• TUI Travel Plc (formerly Thomson Holidays)

• easyJet

• Monarch


• Hayward Tyler

• MTL (Cooper industries)

• Stag / InBev the global brewers and drinks industry leaders

• Express Newspaper group

Luton is also home to Vauxhalls’ head office, the European customer care centre, the warehouse and GM Manufacturing Luton, the latter producing the Vivaro Van under the Vauxhall, Opel, Nissan and Renault brands.

Capability Green and the Butterfield Business Park, incorporating the award winning Innovation Centre and Business Base, offer state of the art, contemporary and sustainable buildings for a variety of businesses to be located. These range from corporate headquarters and serviced offices through to bespoke buildings for R&D, manufacturing and technology.

Luton is receptive to change and takes every opportunity to draw in funds to support its infrastructure and its growing businesses. The strong and vibrant economy is sustained through very positive relationships with major strategic partners and businesses within its main business clusters. As a key partner in the Local Enterprise Partnerships we see a shared vision of growth for the whole of the South East Midlands economy.

Skills and training

Luton is one of the largest towns in South East England, with a population of over 215,000 residents. Vocational analysis shows clear advantages for Luton and the wider conurbation in air transport, motor vehicles, medical and precision instruments, ICT, aerospace and food and drink.

Luton has a multi-lingual, highly skilled, local workforce. This is further enhanced by good transport links to a widespread catchment area, extending through Bedfordshire and the surrounding counties and down to north London.

There is also a wide and active membership on the learning, skills and employment themes within the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP). Excellent education opportunities are on hand for everyone who lives, works or studies here - not only during school years but throughout life from early years and childcare, through to college and university.